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My First Haiku


This was my first attempt writing a Haiku poem. I found it to be somewhat challenging, yet quite enjoyable, too. Of course, being me, I did a bit of research before just jumping in with both feet and going for it.

The contest runs from April 17th – April 25th, with the winner being announced on April 26th, 2019.

IngramSpark Haiku Poetry Contest




Displaced New Englander, wannabe gypsy, recently settled down in The Grand Canyon State. Trucker's wife, proud mother of two super cool children, and the grand-mama of four awesome grandkids. Writer, role-player, sometimes editor.

One thought on “My First Haiku

  1. Didn’t win. Ah, well. But I’m still glad I gave it a go, and learned some more about Haiku poetry.

    However, the poem I entered will be among those featured in my upcoming poetry book. So there’s that.

    And, I went ahead and bought one of the books which had been part of the fun little prize package, “Make Blackout Poetry: Turn These Pages Into Poems”, by John Carroll. Cause I’ve been wanting to give that a try.


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