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Finally Published!

After years of procrastination, non-writer’s block “blockages,” dry spells of inspiration, struggles with depression and self-doubt, all coupled with a severe lack of ambition, the moment is finally here.
My first book has been published! About damn time, Janine.

So what was I busy doing leading up to now?

Well … way back in the fall of 2011, when I’d originally decided to seriously begin writing, I began diligently working on researching publishing info and how best to use social media to promote yourself and your ‘brand.’ Then, I went about creating various social media accounts, email addresses, blogs, etc., as well as, doing some preliminary story-building.

Only, I defeated myself before accomplishing much more than laying the groundwork, which, as it turns out, wasn’t all for nothing, and has proven to be beneficial going forward.

See, just writing ‘the book’ isn’t all the work you need to do when you’re an indie author who’s self-publishing their own material. There’s so much more to it. Always more needing doing.

And so, here we are!

I cannot put into words (ironic, no?) how turning all that inspired effort, into actual, practical, tangible proof of my hard work, truly feels. Seeing my book for sale online, holding a print copy in my hands, and ultimately being able to share it with you, is simply … humbling.


Displaced New Englander, and wannabe gypsy. Writer, role-player, sometimes editor.

5 thoughts on “Finally Published!

  1. I just now ran into your site (I Love the power of a simple like on an obscure comment to intersect two different paths) and I just wanted to say congratulations. I’ve been under seriously riding most of my life and blogging and starting books for the last nearly 10 years… I resemble much of what you say was foundational if not out of order. It gives me hope that I will get serious one day also! Congratulations!!!

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    1. Thank you, so very much, for posting this comment. I truly do appreciate it! 😀 And I agree with your sentiment about intersecting paths. 🙂 As for your writing, I say – All in your own good time. The fact that you are writing, and continuing to keep striving, is really what matters most.

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    1. Not to worry. Typos happen. There is a way to edit comments. I had to go looking for a way to do so, myself, a while back. It’s sorta a roundabout way of going about it, so I can’t describe how it can be done, but it can. And Siri messes with me, too.

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