I consider myself a displaced New Englander, and wannabe gypsy, yet have put down roots in the Grand Canyon State, for now. Married to a hard-working truck driver, proud mother of two super cool grown-ups, and the grand-mama of four awesome kids. Loving caretaker to, no less than, three miniature Dachshunds – Lussi, Trooper and Ludwig – who keep me busy and smiling, every single day.

Also, … I’m a bit of a hermit, with a touch of OCD (but don’t hold that against me).

My hobbies include reading psychological suspense stories involving serial killers, binge watching reruns of my current favorite television series or anime, role-playing, dancing alone in the darkest dead of night, savoring coffee and chocolate (though not together at the same time), taking leisurely strolls through Marshall’s, going out to eat, and staying in nice hotels.

It is my personal belief that certain spelling and grammar rules are meant to be broken, or at least, bent a little bit.