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Goodreads Choice Awards – 2019

Greetings, my bookish friends!

Today I received an email letting me know aboutย Goodreads โ€œBest Bookโ€ Choice Awards 2019!

I think you may be able to tell where Iโ€™m going with this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right … So, if you happen to have bought and read my book and think itโ€™s pretty awesome, if you would be so kind, please visit *Goodreadsโ€™ site via the link above. Once there, search for the โ€˜Poetryโ€™ category. You will then be directed to a list of nominated poetry books which you can vote for. However … at the very bottom of the page, you should find a little box where you have the option to โ€œwrite inโ€ a nomination. There, you can put in my bookโ€™s title, irregardless, and cast your vote! Then, please also share your nomination via Facebook and Twitter, to further help spread the word.

Truly, youโ€™ll have my undying gratitude! And maybe thereโ€™ll be cookies. But I canโ€™t promise anything. ๐Ÿ˜›


*(you may need to sign-up for, or sign-in to your Goodreads account, in order to be able to see that little โ€˜write inโ€™ box)

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Prose Writing Prompt Challenge

Hello, hello!

As you know, I enjoy entering โ€˜legitโ€™ writing competitions. While this isnโ€™t something I do all the time, when a writing challenge comes along that I find worthwhile and fun, I go for it.

I happened upon two of these several weeks ago, and have already posted about one of the competitions Iโ€™d entered. I’m still waiting to hear back if Iโ€™ve won the 2020 Dogwood Literary Award for poetry and the $1000 prize that goes with it (::fingers crossed::), or if any of my entry poems were selected to be included in Dogwoodโ€™s journal publication (::toes crossed, too::). ๐Ÿ˜‰

The other competition I just entered a couple days ago, was a contest involving a writing prompt. ‘Prose’ย holds aย month-long writing challenge every month, along with various other challenges, some created by members of their creative community. The writing prompt for September was – ‘The Tables, Turned. You (or your character) awaken to find your gender has been reversed. Fiction or non-fiction, poetry or Prose.’ $100 prize for this one.

Instead of submitting poetry, this time, I wrote a short-story entitled, “Surprise! You’re a mother, father… uhm…”ย Even if ‘Prose’ doesn’t choose my submission, I will be including this story in an upcoming book of short-stories I’m slowly, and painstakingly, putting together; as inspiration strikes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Dogwood Poetry Entry


Something I really enjoy is entering writing competitions. Yesterday, I submitted three poems to,ย Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose.

From the site: โ€œThe best story, poem, and work of nonfiction will each receive $1,000 and publication in Dogwoodโ€™s 2020 issue.ย  All finalists are also offered publication.ย  Submissions close September 5th.โ€

While it would be awesome to win, in all honesty, itโ€™s just fun for me to participate in these types of opportunities; to challenge myself, and at times, try something new.

Still … fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ˜‰