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A Year Has Come, and Gone … ugh!

Hail and well-met! Come … stay a while.

Why is it the first post is always the hardest? Similar to the first line of a play or poem, or the opening sentence of the first chapter of a novel. Either the words just flow forth freely or the simple act of creativity presents a challenge. Sometimes our inner muse makes us work for it. 😉

And so, after abandoning the interim blog I’d originally made, I finally went ahead and bought my first two domains. (Both over a year ago!) One for my ‘official’ author website, and the other to be used to represent my “brand” – that which I want my writings and other works to be associated with or to be known by.

My intentions with this blog are many and varied. For now, it will be used as a makeshift website, until such time as a more traditional one becomes necessary. Although I shall endeavor to post regularly, my aim will be that of quality, rather than quantity. The tone casual, as if I’m carrying on a conversation with you, dear readers.

For now, we’ll leave it at that.


Displaced New Englander, and wannabe gypsy. Writer, role-player, sometimes editor.

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