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My First Haiku


This was my first attempt writing a Haiku poem. I found it to be somewhat challenging, yet quite enjoyable, too. Of course, being me, I did a bit of research before just jumping in with both feet and going for it.

The contest runs from April 17th – April 25th, with the winner being announced on April 26th, 2019.

IngramSpark Haiku Poetry Contest



Displaced New Englander, and wannabe gypsy. Writer, role-player, sometimes editor.

One thought on “My First Haiku

  1. Didn’t win. Ah, well. But I’m still glad I gave it a go, and learned some more about Haiku poetry.

    However, the poem I entered will be among those featured in my upcoming poetry book. So there’s that.

    And, I went ahead and bought one of the books which had been part of the fun little prize package, “Make Blackout Poetry: Turn These Pages Into Poems”, by John Carroll. Cause I’ve been wanting to give that a try.


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