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All in Good Time

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

Well, no offense to Master Yoda, but the ‘trying’ can be a challenge in and of itself. And as long as you keep on trying, this very act is accomplishing something vitally important, in that, you’re steadfastly not giving up nor admitting failure.

Now, as for myself, I am fully committed to achieving my goals, have the conviction to succeed, and faith in my own ability; while also being able to honestly and fearlessly, recognize and acknowledge my own limitations.

Maybe some of you will know what I mean when I say that I spend too much time inside my head thinking, rather than just ‘doing’; which in my case is – getting my creativity on, so to speak. We’re our own worse enemy, are we not?

Setting goals is most assuredly important, but what if you do happen to ‘fail’ in meeting those lofty goals you’ve set for yourself? That can be incredibly disheartening, and cause you to second guess yourself, or worse, feel like giving up. But I, dear Yoda, will not. I shall keep ‘trying’; invariably ‘to do.’

And so, I have set myself new (and improved) goals, accepted what’s done is done, and decided quite defiantly, I WILL achieve that which I’m determined to accomplish…

All in Good Time.

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A Year Has Come, and Gone … ugh!

Hail and well-met! Come … stay a while.

Why is it the first post is always the hardest? Similar to the first line of a play or poem, or the opening sentence of the first chapter of a novel. Either the words just flow forth freely or the simple act of creativity presents a challenge. Sometimes our inner muse makes us work for it. 😉

And so, after abandoning the interim blog I’d originally made, I finally went ahead and bought my first two domains. (Both over a year ago!) One for my ‘official’ author website, and the other to be used to represent my “brand” – that which I want my writings and other works to be associated with or to be known by.

My intentions with this blog are many and varied. For now, it will be used as a makeshift website, until such time as a more traditional one becomes necessary. Although I shall endeavor to post regularly, my aim will be that of quality, rather than quantity. The tone casual, as if I’m carrying on a conversation with you, dear readers.

For now, we’ll leave it at that.

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Just Your Basic Intro

Greetings friends!

Welcome to my writer’s blog, “By Quill and Candlelight.”

I shall be using this site to better organize and document my writing progress, as well as, catalogue my self-published works.

Please feel free to follow this blog, my Facebook author page, Twitter feed, and other social media; links listed in the footer and under the Blogroll.

Thank you!

~ Janine ~